Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phelps Pot Charges,8599,1876678,00.html

Here's an ongoing interesting topic: Michael Phelps being photographed taking a hit off a bong. Something thousands (if not more) of Americans do every day, but because of Phelps's international superstardom, public officials are discussing incarcerating Phelps. Lots of pictures and videos of people smoking pot surface every day, is it really fair for him to get this treatment?


  1. It is not far at all. It seems they are trying to make an example out of him. First USA swimming suspends him for 3 months even though he technically did not violate any rules and not there is talk of incarceration? What about other celebs who do it openly?? seems a little much for me

  2. I agree that the degree of media attention is ridiculous and that incarceration is even more bizarre. However, I do feel that anybody who makes their fortune (and he has made a fortune) by putting themselves willingly in the public eye has to expect a bigger backlash when they make stupid mistakes. I find this even more disappointing given that he already screwed up years earlier in a very public drunk driving arrest.