Sunday, February 22, 2009

Death Penalty in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Legislators Eyeing Death Penalty

The Death Penalty is a very controversial topic not only on a state to state basis but for the country as a whole. In 1972 the Death Penalty was repealed with a citing from the Supreme Court stating that it was against the 8th amendment. They said it was cruel and unusual punishment. Just 4 years later, that decision was overturned by the Supreme Court and it was no longer cruel and unusual.

New Hampshire, like any other state has had its arguments over the death penalty. This article, coming off of the AP from a local New Hampshire newspaper. New Hampshire actually passed a bill in 2000 but it was veteod by then Governor Jeanne Shaheen. The now governor, John Lynch is also against a repeal of the death penalty.

Keeping or repealing the death penalty is always going to be something of a controversy because religious people will always cite that humankind does not have the authority, only God does himself, which they are arguing now. There are also people, like police officers, whose job it is is to uphold the law. To kill a police officer is one of only 6 crimes that is punishable by death in New Hampshire. Secondly, there has only been 1 other person in New Hampshire that has been sentenced, but not executed to death in 50 years. Nobody has been actually executed in 70 years.

New Hampshire is obviously one of hte strictest states when it comes to the death penalty and I am all for keeping the death penalty. There are circumstances, the killing of Police Officer Michael Briggs included, where the death penalty is needed. It should remain up to the states and up to a jury.

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