Sunday, February 22, 2009

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors
School security has always been an issue in many school districts. Depending on several factors like the location or the crime rate of a town, some school districts may be more prone to voice in favor of metal detectors. I read an article titled, “Metal Detectors in Schools?” which was written by Kenneth D. McDaniel II. The article talked about the pros and cons of a school having mental detectors.

Personally I am against the use of mental detectors in schools as the method of trying to eliminate school violence. Having metal detectors in schools does not fully eliminate school violence. Much of the violence and confrontations that occurs during school hours take place outside of the school’s walls. All schools have more then one entrance into the building, covering all of the entrances is also an obstacle.
This controversial issue has especially come more into the spot light since the unfortunate incident at Columbine High School. Preventing incidents like that one, is definitely at the top of the list of many school districts. Even though this is true, many schools are not jumping at the idea of having mental detectors, for several reasons. Schools tend to go from the other less costly but still effective alternatives for preventing school violence.
I read another article titled, “Metal detectors approved for Cleveland schools, will cost $3.3 million” written by Joseph L. Wagner. The title says it all. The article found at,, breaks down all the costs and who is going to pay the bill for this new security system. This school is a prime example of why many school districts tend to go for less costly security alternatives.
These two articles talk about mental detectors and school security and what should be done about school violence.


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