Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama's environmental policy reversal will have immediate impacts in Minnesota

Obama has wasted no time in trying to push "long overdue" energy and environmental issues. He has totally reversed Bush's policy for the environment. Policies like this one, tend to go in and out of the spotlight as a new party dominates. Bush actually denied climate change according to this source!
Obama's proposal wants to reduce carbon emissions and oil consumption. However, this that may cause problems for a company in Minnesota called The Big Stone II power plant in Minnesota.
I believe that Obama has to push the necessity to change the standards of vehicles as soon as possible. I figure we are going to have to make even more drastic changes than juct curbing CO2 emissions because the problem we are facing is intensifing at higher rate than it is decreaing.
The sooner he does it, the easier it will be for people and companies to adapt to the new technologies. These new technologies should no doubt lead to new jobs.
There is not one policy that affects people the in the same way and, keep in mind, that with issues like these, Congress has A.D.D. One party may take it seriously and the other may not. There will always be those who benefit from the policy and those that do not. That's is just how it is. As we have seen with the Bush Administration, the American people are completely polarized in their ideologies. What we need now is for someone to step in that can mediate the two kinds of people, meaning at least, the Republicans and Democrats, but is there even such a person? Obama's dreams of bipartisan unity are far from reality.

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