Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Economy's Effects on Local Restaurants

Economy’s Effect on Local Restaurant
The economy is without a doubt affecting everyone. And the restaurant industry is no exception to this. From small local dining spots to top of the line fine dining, all types of dining are feeling the slow economy. Like in all tough situations, the people involved have to figure out ways to get ahead. The article I read, from The New York Times, titled “New Restaurants Adapt to Economy” talked about different local restaurants and how they are dealing with the economy and some of the things they are doing to stay a float during these hard times.
The local restaurants that were talked about in the article all had their own plans on how to keep the numbers up. For these restaurants, the costumer always comes first because restaurants understand that without their loyal and new customers, they would have no business. If they help make dining out more affordable then they can maintain their numbers and keep regular and new, potential customers, happy.
Many of the restaurants have redone their menus to make meals more affordable but still keep them at a fair price. Other restaurants have started something called a fixed price menu, so people can already know what they are going to pay when they decide to go out. Some have even created specials. These specials have been especially place on drinks and wines at the bar.
All those different types of solutions are making it easier for these local restaurants to stay afloat. January alone has always been a difficult month for the restaurant business without even having to add the pressures from the economy. Thinking about what is best for the business as a whole has been an important part of the way these restaurants are run.
Helping out small businesses, like these restaurants, is a great thing for the economy. We need all the businesses to stay open and keep people employed. We need to contribute any business to these local businesses. And spending money at these restaurants is made easier when they have good food, fair prices, and you get a feeling that they are looking out for what is in your pocket not just what goes into their own.

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