Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama Reverses Bush's Emissions Rules

A few weeks ago President Obama ordered a directive to the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider California’s and thirteen other states applications for set stricter car emission laws and fuel efficiency laws then the national standard. The applications were submitted under President Bush’s administration but rejected when President Bush sided with automakers that more rules and regulations were going to become unenforceable and a drain on an already dwindling auto industry in the United States. President Obama is making great strides in his first few weeks as President by undoing what President Bush’s administration had done. With state’s being able to enforce stricter regulations, the auto industry will be forced to created clean and more efficient cars, which President Obama hopes will end our reliance on foreign oil. California has been leading the nation with environmental initiatives and if the EPA approves their application they will continue on that path. Auto makers are not happy with President Obama’s directive because they claim it is going to cause more economic stress on an already burden industry. The government has provided billions of dollars to the auto industry, and most likely they will see more stimulus money come their way, but President Obama stresses that he wants to see the cleaner cars of the future built right here in America today.
I would have to agree with President Obama that states should be allowed to enforce stricter regulations over auto emissions and fuel efficiency standards. The environment is a serious issue on the national agenda, and also on a lot of state’s agendas. If the nation as a whole is not going to take more progressive steps to curb our emissions and reduce our dependence on foreign oil than it should be the state’s right to enforce stricter legislation within their boundaries. Also, by multiple states wanting stricter regulations, the auto industry is going to have to produce more efficient cars and trucks to stay competitive in the market. These more efficient cars are not only going to benefit the states with stricter regulations, but also the other states the cars are sold in. I am proud that President Obama is living up to his promises and trying to accomplish so much in his first 100 days. Those in the auto industry have a right to be worried about how these changes will affect them, but until they become a leading force behind promoting more efficient cars our nation will stay dependent on foreign oil and will continue to increase our carbon footprint.

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