Sunday, February 22, 2009

Julie Biondi: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace!

I have decided to switch topics over to Sexual Harassment in the workplace. I think this is a very touchy topic and something very hard to make a policy about. There are Sexual Harassment policies in every office that you go to but the problem is that these people feel a threat to their livelihood. Most sexual harassment cases are not only with women, but also with a co-worker that is higher on the work scale. These women and men feel as if they have no choice but to ignore the harassment and continue their day because if they don't, they may lose their jobs. Sexual Harassment laws are everywhere and they have to be respected, but there are still those people who know what they can get away with and because of them, there are hundreds of women afraid to complain about something that bothers them everyday. Statistics show that 31% of all women in the workplace are sexually harassed, whether its jokes or crude comments. Only 7% of men are harassed and that is still terrible. These women are working in jobs that are known to be more masculine then others such as, firefighters, coal mining, secretarial positions for a successful man etc. These women know that there are laws made so that these things will not happen, but these women also know that they need to make money and survive. I personally believe that these laws are a great thing to have, but if only there were a way so that the victim will not have to lose their job.

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