Sunday, April 5, 2009

They're back: Representatives reveal their earmarks

In the convoluted world of politics one thing that has been drawing a lot of attention lately is earmarks. As policy makers make their decisions they include "earmarks" a way of creating projects in their home districts and bringing money to their home districts. As this process evolved it became more and more transparent as the public began to demand information on what their taxpayer money was funding. The most recent step in this was President Obama requiring policymakers to post the earmarks they are requestion money for on their indivual websites and a House Appropriations commitee website where the information will be openly available to the public. The issue that continues to nag at earmarks is that policymakers to not choose their earmarks on project merit but instead choose to flex their respective political muscles to push earmarks into being signed into play. It is interesting to note that many of the policymakers that ranked in the highest amount asked for last years earmarks also rank among the ones that are asking for the most money this year.

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