Sunday, April 19, 2009

Freed Captain

Captain Richard Phillip who last week was recued by the U.S. Navy when he was held hostage by Somali pirates last week off the coast of Africa. He arrived back in the states reassuring everyone that he is fine and the hostage situation as indescribable. He also wants to make clear that he should not be recognized as the hero but the military should receive these accolades for the swift action and proficient rescue tactics.
Since his ship the Maersk Alabama had been boarded by pirates the brave captain had offered himself to ensure his crews safety. After being held captive for seven days in a confrontation with the U.S. Navy a sharpshooter killed four pirates and the fourth was taken into custody. Since both the Captain and the military had both executed there duties flawlessly there was no civilians harmed.
As a result from these events I am starting to take these pirates very seriously. They are increasing in numbers and they work together quite well. This is becoming organized and more aggressive. We as a nation must allow these seaman to carry weapons and be properly trained for this growing issue. The enemy is well equipped with automatic weapons and we must be able to defend ourselves because next time we wont be as lucky.

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