Monday, April 27, 2009

Higher Education for all!

The American Association of State Colleges and Universitys' main legislative priorities are higher education issues at the Federal and state levels. AASCU has a strong commitment towards every student has an opportunity to receive a higher education. They, as well as I, believe that higher education benefits society, as well as the individuals themselves and truly represents democratic ideals. Providing higher education for its citizens is just something a democracy should do. Most importantly, the AASCU fights for those who are held back from getting a higher education because of their financial situtation. Of course there are loans, but one takes a chance on graduating into debt and paying it back. Many Americans consider the cost of college as one of their major worries.
America was founded on the belief that one has an opporntunity to go from rags to riches. However, with the high cost of college tuition, that is becoming more and more difficult for Americans. Any type of government assistance is beneficial and has become a God send in the past year and a half because of this current global recession. School attendence always seems to rise during recessionsand it truly has become more evident today. Many people who have made a career on Wall St. but have lost their job in the past year, have been re-enrolling in colleges, in the hopes of beginning a new career. In order to recover from this recession, new jobs need to be created and what's a better way to do that than putting people in schools to teach them new technologies and more.
One of the major priorities this agency has is to amend the Higher Education Act to augment the maximum Pell award to benefit the lowest income students and revamp the current student financial aid model. The agency is also pushing for accountability on public colleges and universities to make sure students are learning and that these schools are regulated by what they charge for tuition.

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