Friday, April 17, 2009

New NJ Drivers May Get Decals

NJ Drive Decals

New Jersey law makers are considering adding new security measures to warn police and other drivers about new drivers on the road. The proposal is to have drivers under 21 years of age to have a small decal somewhere on the car indicating they are a new driver. Decals may be place by velcro so other drivers who use the car can remove them. They are not sure yet what type of deacal will be used yet. There are many differing opinions on the issue at hand. Many people believe it is a necessary precaution and it also helps police enforce the passenger laws and curfews that are placed on teen drivers. Others believe it will let police target teenage drivers just because they will know. Teens already feel harassed by the police and feel it will add to it even more. Other people also believe the decals will be distracting to other drivers. Authorities said they will not use the decals to target young drivers.

I believe that this idea is basically ridiculous. Having a small decal on the back of someones car is not going to make them drive safer. Bad driving is bad driving, no decal will stop that problem. What would be a better idea is to have longer more mandatory driver training that will teach the correct way to drive. Even though authorities say they will not target teens I believe that they will, it makes them easier to be identified and as it is people get pulled over for no reason this may just increase this. The idea that the decals will be placed on with velcro also makes no sense. These kids will just get down the street and take the decals off its just that simple. Why would they leave it on identifying that they are younger. Placing a permanent decal will not work either because parents or relatives may also use the car as well. In short i believe this is a terrible idea that will do nothing short of fail. New jersey law makers should look into using the tax payers money for something more constructive and effective.

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