Sunday, March 1, 2009

Soldier from Union Beach dies in Iraq from vehicle explosion

On Thursday, Kara Connelly gazed at her husband for the last time. Four hours later, he was killed when his vehicle was struck by an explosive on a Baghdad Street, the Department of Defense said today.
Brian Connelly, 26, is at least the 106th member of the armed services with ties to New Jersey to die in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
When I read this article the first thing that came to my mind was; why are our troops still, not only dying but fighting in this war? I still cannot see why it is 8 years down the line and we, America, are still fighting this war. Well what is it for? What are we being “rewarded” by continuing to fight? We are not receiving anything, but we are losing much. We are losing the precious lives of brave hearted men and women, and their families who are victims of this war.
In this article, the parents of Brian Connelly said he really was not interested in school. But when he graduated he became a part of this unemployment era, just after being laid off his previous job. When this happened all of Connelly’s hopes and dreams went out the window. He later contacted the army recruiter whom he remembered from coming to his high school. Not knowing that this so fretful phone call would end his young life so soon. His mother stated that, “they (army recruiters) shouldn't be able to talk to our kids in high school”.
I’m still unsure of why America is fighting this war still. But in closing I want to say that I notice America’s main problem, my brave country is too worried about other countries problem, before handling its own first.

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