Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Banning of Junk Food

Ban on Junk Foods in New Jersey

My blog is about the controversial topic of schools banning “junk foods” for their students. I read an article on this very touchy subject titled, “New Jersey first state to ban junk food in schools so kids may live long and prosper” that I found on the Bnet network. New Jersey became the first state to ban junk foods from their schools on September 1, 2007.
But what exactly is considered a junk food that falls under this ban? Junk food is anything that has sugar as its primary or main ingredient. Eliminating these foods from the schools would not be enough of an effort. Schools have also put a heath education program that will educate all students on how to be healthy and how to make good eating choices. This health program will affect students for grades K-12; during those crucial years eating habits are formed for the majority and have a great influence on the rest of their lives.
The major reason for all this health frenzy is because the numbers for obese and children with diabetes are just too high. One study was taking on 6th graders in a school in NJ and 20% were obese and 18% were overweight. Schools are also banning vending machines, snack bars, and school fundraisers that sell candy.
There are pros to the banning of junk food in schools. The health education is a good thing that teaches children really early on to make healthy eating choices. Also by banning these foods in schools, there is no temptation for students to eat the junk foods while they are in school. Students are in school for several hours during their day. The schools are also help with childhood obesity and diabetes. The intention behind all this is very good.
Just as there are pros there are also cons to this matter. Many feel that healthy eating habits should lie on the shoulders on the student’s parents and not in the school’s hands. Fundraisers also took a hard blow when selling candy was banned. But the major con on the matter is the past standing tradition of bringing in cupcakes for your birthday to school. The whole class would enjoy a treat on anyone’s birthday.
I personally am for the ban on junk foods. Even though I have many great memories of bring in treats for my class in elementary school for my birthday, I am siding with the ban. The numbers on the other side are just too dangerously high. The ban will help get kids at an early age to think healthy. Making healthy choices is a life time of choosing healthy and helping kids get into the habit of eating healthy young will help them have a long life.


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    i think we should ban junk food from schools !!!!!! :( yea i think they should do it !!!

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    Tired, crabby, or unfocused in class? It could be the food you are eating. The lack of healthy and tasty school lunch selections has recently become a problem in almost every.

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