Sunday, March 1, 2009

Food Stamps in Hard Times

Mayor Bloomberg food-relief policy is outrageous with our economic situation. As our country continues to suffer from the recession the reduction of giving out food stamps is harmful to us as taxpayers. As soon as we continue to fall deeper into debt our country will have more hungry people and this is only in New York. In this piece the editorial group truly explains the necessity of food stamps and its ability to jumpstart the economy. The Mayor feels he is making people earn there dinner plate but forcing them to find these jobs to be eligible is counter productive. They should be out searching for real jobs instead of worrying about Bloomberg’s eligibility laws. There was 19 percent increase in New York in 2008 alone and 750,000 dollars annually have been cut out of what they have been getting from D.C. Unless this policy gets removed and food stamps begin to circulate New York is going take a turn for the worse.

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