Sunday, March 1, 2009

Protecting the NJ Coastline

The NJ coastline is a place where many people from the tri-state area go for a day "away." Two hours away from NYC down the GSP, you can walk on a sandy beaches and fish of the side of a canal into the ocean, where a divider could go get a handful of starfish. There are other things as well than its recreational activies that its known for. It is the home of all its weird NJ facts, Atlantic City, The Sopranos, and the home of "Watch the tram car, please!" Whether you are locals or new comers, the NJ shoreline offers that day away.

However, after my years of going to Seaside for prom weekends and what not, the shoreline has lost its popularity because, well lets face it, it has been going down the drain. The pollution is getting worse; the trash is flowing to the shore by rivers and streams from all over. "According to the US EPA, only 15% of New Jersey's coastal waters are of "good" quality. So, Environment New Jersey has filed a petition with the State to formally protect the Toms River (Ocean and Monmouth Counties). To read more about the petition and see pictures of the shoreline visit the site!

The site offers a great way to Take Action, to help and get involved to save the shore, protect NJ's parks and wildlife and clean up the pollution. For a local like me, I'm glad that more is being done to help save the shore. I've been going to the shore since I was a baby, taking those weekends to visit my grandma who lived in Toms River's Holiday City at the time.

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