Monday, January 19, 2009

Women Impacting Public Policy

This blog is a bi-partisan blog focused on empowering women and giving them a common voice to impact public policy change and to show how women have been changing the public policy of this nation. Their main focus is on women in business and women business owners, but they also focus on a variety of issues affecting women. Their page also looks at state issues in comparison to national issues.
If you look at the blog, the main focus right now is with the change of power to President-elect Obama, and the hope and change people are hoping to see. The blog is putting out an optomistic message to all people, not just women, to band together behind Obama and make America the kind of country we know it can be.

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  1. I like the blog. I looks like they try very hard to cover the issues from both sides of the spectrum... the blogroll is a good source as well.